Friday, May 13, 2011

the countdown is on...

so i am 10 days MAX away from delivering this baby...
and as soon as i'm cleared, i am back on the excercise train!
can't wait to see where it takes me and update you all!

p.s. i am currently 6 lbs LESS then my pre-pregnancy weight!
woo-hoo! we did it!

catch ya on the other side...

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

my new friend

i refused to pay for another year at the gym
when we just can't make it to the gym!
for about half the cost of a yearly membership,
this is my new friend!
this excites me soo much!
so far, it's hard for me to get on
and just walk...
i want to run, and i mean bad!!
also so far, baby sophia won't let me run.
i get a form of what i'm thinking
is braxton hicks
when i attempt it.
it's hard to just walk,
but this won't last forever!!
i am stoked to think about the flexability of having the tread
right in my own home!
morn noon or night i can get on.
walk in the beginning while i'm healing,
than pick it back up to a jog/run...
who knows,
maybe by this time next year,
i'll have run my first race!
happy excercising!!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


though i'm sure this blog will be more used again post baby, the posts will be coming fewer and farther between for now!
even prego, i made it as close as 1 lb from my goal weight!!! i was very excited, then started to gain -guess i did a little too much "celebrating"! this pregnancy has been very different than the others. i am finding i am eating much more frequently, though still in very small incriments! i'm craving INSANE things like lobster and salt & vinegar chips. sweets sneak in sometimes, but are hardly tolerated so i don't "give in" often.
i made it through the holidays and didn't feel deprived! i'm getting really good at doing the main thing i eat as protein and then a smidgin of sides or veggies.
i'm currently at 18 wks pregos and am still pretty close to that goal weight (having lost 20 lbs total during pregnancy & before the gain started and today sitting +2.5 lbs from goal weight). it's been hard to start gaining again! i feel like i accomplish being a cute prego lady, but i DON"T like gaining!!!!! i have to continually remind myself it's okay and supposed to happen & to "eat for the baby", meaning make good choices!! i am pretty much me until you hit the belly -lord knows how huge it will look or feel closer to the end!!!
i have been extremely tired and nauseous (though the latter is finally starting to let up), and hence not exersizing at all. wondering [if i get enough energy mustered up] if i'm allowed to "start" excercising again, since i've stopped for so long now.
i was concerned about baby's size, but they said she is growing perfectly! could i still have a huge baby even after gastric bypass surg?!?
looking to future: i'm getting excited to meet her, though there's still much time! already trying to plan my post baby weight loss plan. i see dr t again in end of feb/early march (which reminds me i need to make that appt soon). should be an interesting appt! i see ob's and high risk specialist monthly...for now!
well, that's all folks!

Friday, November 5, 2010


since it was announced in an update e-mail last night, i guess i can officially talk about it on my blogs! we are expecting!!! baby #3 is due in may 2011. with both my boys, i lost a few lbs in the beginning and then gained a few by the end. the most i gained in total was 7 lbs. i had NO HOPES for this pattern to continue now that i had lost so much of my extra weight! my joke was always that they were "living off the land".
i am pleasantly surprised that i apparently dove head first off my "plateau" i was in, and lost 15 lbs so far! this puts me a whopping 9 lbs from my goal weight from the surgeon. everyday when i step on the scale, i think "today has to be the day i start gaining, all this loss is too good to be true!", and so far i've still been pleasantly surprised! i still hold no expectations to get to that goal anytime soon, but the closer i get now, the easier it will be to get to it post baby!
i have had all these dreams to continue exercising...ha! the nausea/exhaustion has won EVERYDAY and i sleep for that little bit more that i can! don't get me wrong...this is not complaining!! nausea and exhaustion are signs that baby is okay, and after the beginning we've had i NEED those signs everyday!!!!! maybe when we get back from africa i'll be able to start up at the gym again!
speaking of africa, we are going in less than 2 weeks!!! i am so excited for this trip!!!!! we took all the precautions necessary being pregnant and got all the more expensive non-live virus shots. we are even praying that a waiver letter from the doctor for the yellow fever vaccine will permit me into the country.
as you might assume, dr t's gang had to be one of the first to hear the BIG NEWS. they did politely say congrats and that they'd still like to see me in 6 mos for my next visit, but all in all, they were none too thrilled!
even so, i feel pretty good, i'm losing again, and i'm very excited to be expecting baby #3.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

thank YOU!

today my "coffee maker" @ starbucks said, "you've been looking really good!" referring to my weight loss...
joe says that's not good (that she knows me enough to notice)...
i say THANK YOU!!

as of today i have lost 111 lbs and am a shocking 14 lbs from target/goal weight! LOVE IT!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

a date gone terribly wrong...

remember that movie that came out this year
called DATE NIGHT?
that actually happened to me this week past!
thurs night started out quaint.
we had a date planned!
our friends erin and alan came over to watch the boys,
and i didn't even care too much that it was pouring rain,
because i was going on a date!
well, not long before we left,
my stomach pains started again.
i told joe we HAD to go to target first and buy
some meds to help.
while at target, joe finally convinced me [made me]
call the doc.
doc was NOT happy about what was going on and
date night became trip to the er night.
awesome! NOT!!!!!!!!!!!
i ended up having to stay in er alone so joe could relieve our sitters
and didn't get home until 5am.
not my idea of a fun date!
hopefully, we'll get a sitter offer soon so we can
attempt it again!

2 blown iv's in a matter of minutes.
2 more sticks for new iv and blood.
checked: pancreas,
liver enzymes,
blood count level,
for gallstones,
for hemmroids,
for ulcer
who knows what else!!!
left knowing: absolutely nothing!
(except everything they checked was fine)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

a walking drug store?

so it's not quite that bad, but i found out i'm low on some vitamins. now i've been taking a b complex (all my b's were low), citrical petites (2 of these-keeps up calcium and vitamin d), a prenatal (to cover my low folic acid and just the general stuff they want me to take), actigal (supposed to prevent gallbladder disorders), and an allergy pill which does squat! if you see me or my traveling pill box don't be alarmed! instead, you may want to ask [remind] me to take the vitamins!!! :)