Sunday, September 19, 2010

a date gone terribly wrong...

remember that movie that came out this year
called DATE NIGHT?
that actually happened to me this week past!
thurs night started out quaint.
we had a date planned!
our friends erin and alan came over to watch the boys,
and i didn't even care too much that it was pouring rain,
because i was going on a date!
well, not long before we left,
my stomach pains started again.
i told joe we HAD to go to target first and buy
some meds to help.
while at target, joe finally convinced me [made me]
call the doc.
doc was NOT happy about what was going on and
date night became trip to the er night.
awesome! NOT!!!!!!!!!!!
i ended up having to stay in er alone so joe could relieve our sitters
and didn't get home until 5am.
not my idea of a fun date!
hopefully, we'll get a sitter offer soon so we can
attempt it again!

2 blown iv's in a matter of minutes.
2 more sticks for new iv and blood.
checked: pancreas,
liver enzymes,
blood count level,
for gallstones,
for hemmroids,
for ulcer
who knows what else!!!
left knowing: absolutely nothing!
(except everything they checked was fine)

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