Wednesday, March 16, 2011

my new friend

i refused to pay for another year at the gym
when we just can't make it to the gym!
for about half the cost of a yearly membership,
this is my new friend!
this excites me soo much!
so far, it's hard for me to get on
and just walk...
i want to run, and i mean bad!!
also so far, baby sophia won't let me run.
i get a form of what i'm thinking
is braxton hicks
when i attempt it.
it's hard to just walk,
but this won't last forever!!
i am stoked to think about the flexability of having the tread
right in my own home!
morn noon or night i can get on.
walk in the beginning while i'm healing,
than pick it back up to a jog/run...
who knows,
maybe by this time next year,
i'll have run my first race!
happy excercising!!

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